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Virtual Reality

In every cardio games session our fun and unique challenges are always guaranteed to provide you with an effective full body workout.

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Virtual Reality

Our mission is to give you the opportunity to expand your skillset from reality into a virtual world. With our immersive training, you can explore new frontiers and unlock potentials in an environment where anything is possible.

Augmented Reality

Get ready to reach your fitness goals with a totally immersive experience! Our revolutionary augmented reality technology allows you to stay active and motivated from the comfort of your own home. Now, you can take all of the energy and excitement that comes from working out at a gym into an exciting virtual environment.


Get ready to reach your fitness goals with the help of modern devices! Virtual tools give you access to workout support anytime, anywhere. Give yourself a boost and level up on achieving improved health and wellbeing today.

STEPUPRUN is a  easy-to-use solution with minimal equipment required. Our goal is to further enhance your experience by providing effective instructions and programs tailored toward achieving personal goals while also increasing the entertainment value through virtual reality, augmented reality, and multimedia applications..